The river and a tour boat

The Riverwalk

When I think of San Antonio, the first place that comes to mind is the Riverwalk. There is a book that discusses the top 100 places for visit before you die that features The Riverwalk as one of the 100 places. So…. Since we were already going to be in Texas, we better make the trek down to San Antonio to experience it for ourselves.

What is the Riverwalk?

Let me start by saying the Riverwalk is MUCH more than just a river you walk next to. It’s an experience. It is a place where you can shop, eat amazing food, lounge in a cute café or simply walk along the shoreline and enjoy the beautiful lush greenery that surrounds the river. If you are looking for a peaceful area to find some solitude, I recommend going during the less popular times. If you prefer to ride rather than walk, you can take a boat ride up and down the river. By taking a boat, you can let someone else do the navigating while listening to a bit of history about the area.

There are so many restaurants along the walk that you could eat at a different eatery for several weeks.  We opted for some amazing Mexican fare with delicious nachos and fresh made guacamole. Be prepared for a bit of a wait at some restaurants.  If you enjoy beer and adult beverages, there are plenty of microbrews and pubs where you are sure to find something to enjoy.

Texas Weather

The day we went to the Riverwalk was a hot and humid summer day. These days are common in Texas. If you are not use to them, the humidity can wipe you out quickly. Thankfully there is plenty of shade along the walk. We found refuge under the abundant Cypress trees. You can also find plenty of ice cold beverages to enjoy along the way. We brought bottles of water to help stay hydrated. Also, summer items including sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, comfortable shoes and moisture wicking clothes may also help you enjoy your experience.

Among the plentiful positives, there were also a few negatives we came across. There were a lot of panhandlers there asking for money. Many areas lacked guardrails so if you have small children you will need to watch them carefully so they don’t fall in the river. We heard some people mention that it was not real handicapped friendly so keep that in mind if you require a more walkable area.

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