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Let’s talk BREAKFAST!

Let’s talk camping breakfast. I. Love. Camping. Breakfasts. It is by far my favorite meal of the day. I think there are many reasons why I love breakfasts so much. To begin with, my husband always makes breakfast when we are camping. Come on now, what can be more sexy than waking up to a man cooking breakfast???

Another reason why I love breakfast so much is that breakfast is the start to our day of adventure. Hiking. Biking. Exploring. After breakfast is when we hit the trails and the adventures begin. We know that making it through a successful day of adventure begins with breakfast.

Just as your car needs gas to get us from point A to B, our bodies need healthy food to get us where we want to go. Starting the day with healthy carbs, lean protein, fiber rich fruits and vegetables is the best way to “fuel” our bodies for the day. If you are a pancake lover like me, please note that pancakes can be a healthy option. There are many healthy recipes for pancakes using natural, clean ingredients. Some of my favorites are pumpkin pancakes, apple-cinnamon pancakes and even Kodiak cakes! My favorite pancake toppings include 100% pure maple syrup, dark chocolate chips, fruit and peanut butter.

A popular misconception of breakfast is that it needs to be a breakfast type of food. That is not the case. Anything healthy that fits into your meal plan will work– even if it is not your typical breakfast food.

So enjoy your breakfast. Remember, it is the fuel you need to start your day so make it count.

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